Web Administrator's Guide
Monday, June 17, 2024
Website Setup

Website Setup

Alright. You just completed your purchase of a new Website. You may be asking yourself, "What do I do next?" Throughout the Getting Started section, you'll find an overview with just the right amount of information you need to get you up and going.

Support Options

Knowledge Base

Website Setup: Technical Requirements

In order to edit your site, you should use a computer with one of the following browsers:
  1. Firefox
  2. Internet Explorer 6 or greater
  3. Safari 3 or greater
  4. Google Chrome
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Website Setup: Help Resources

Our goal is to help you learn how to use our product in a way that maximizes your online ministry's effectiveness in communication and outreach. We've provided several paths for product support while using our application.

Online Support

Our online resources are available to you 24/7. Along with the step-by-step Help Manual, we also have an extensive Knowledge Base at your disposal. These are great tools to use when you quickly need to find a solution to your inquiry.  You can also view our short "Getting Started" video which covers some of the material in this document in an audio-visual format.

Email Support

Free email support is available 8:00am - 5:00pm M - F Central Time. Explain the issue you are having and a member of our team will reply to your email during the hours listed above. Please allow up to 1 business day for a response to your email.

Phone Support

Free phone support is available 8:00am - 5:00pm M - F Central Time. A toll-free number is available on the Help Manual Home page. Please have your Site ID available when you call. Your Site ID can be found in the order confirmation you received when you ordered the site or at the top of your Account manager.
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Website Setup: Sign In to Your Website

This is the first and most important step to building your site. Below are the steps you will take to access your Website Control Panel.
  1. Make sure you have your Site Identifier (Site ID), Username and Password in front of you. Your Site ID and Username can be found on the order confirmation you received via email. If you have misplaced this information, see the next topic below for retrieving login information.
  2. Access the Internet using your normal method of getting online.
  3. Navigate to the Website Control Panel Login form.
  4. Enter your Site Identifier, Username and Password in the corresponding blanks.
  5. Once you have entered your information, click the "Sign In" button to proceed.
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Website Setup: Retrieve Sign In Information

If you have forgotten or misplaced your Sign In information, click the Forgot Password link and enter the email address you supplied when you ordered your site. You will be emailed Site ID's, Usernames, and Passwords for all sites where a match is found for the email address.
WARNING: Because email is not secure, we recommend changing your username and password immediately upon logging into the Control Panel after using the Forgot Password feature.
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Website Setup: Additional Sign In Features

We've included a couple of optional features to the Sign In process which may prove to be helpful based on your needs.

Remember Me

To enhance system security and performance, user Sign Ins only remain active for up to 20 minutes between page requests. For your convenience, we can temporarily save your Sign In information on your computer and automatically reactivate your Sign In for up to 24 hours from your last page request.
Because your Sign In information will be stored on the computer's hard drive until you log out (even if you disconnect from the internet, close your browser, or turn off your computer), you should always select the "Exit" button in the upper right corner of the main control panel screen once you have completed your web site administration.
WARNING: We do not recommend selecting the "Remember Me" option if you are using a public or shared computer because forgetting to log out could allow unauthorized persons access to your web site control panel. 

Sign In With OpenID

OpenID is a fast, safe, convenient way to sign in to multiple websites using a single account from a trusted provider such as Google, Yahoo or AOL.
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Website Setup: Control Panel

Once you login, you will be directed to your website Control Panel. Depending on the Package level you purchased, all managers shown below may not appear in your Control Panel.
Control Panel