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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Can I link my menu titles to something other than a page in my site?

You may already know that shortcuts are an easy way to promote a particular page within your website. You can designate a shortcut (like "youth") in the details box of your page editor. Doing so will create a link that looks something like this, "www.yourdomain.com/youth", enabling your visitors to go directly to the youth page of your site – with no need to navigate through the site to find it.

But what if you want to include a link to another website? You can use the shortcut field to do that too. Instead of putting a word or phrase in the shortcut field of the page setup options, put the full address of the other website, like "http://www.otherwebsite.com". Now the link created by the page title will send your visitor to the other site, instead of a page in your website.
**Note - you must include the "http://" if you are linking to a page outside of your site or else the system will think you are linking to an item within your site.

As another example, you can use the same shortcut field to provide a file to download (for example – a PDF, Word or Excel file). Place the full address to the file in the shortcut field and visitors can view or download it simply by clicking the title link which appears on your site menu or submenu.
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