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Friday, October 22, 2021

What types of content should I put on my home page?

The home page of your website is the electronic front door of your organization.  You essentially have only a few seconds (statistics say around 30-45) to capture your audience's attention.  And you can do that best by following these simple guidelines:
  • Provide a neat, organized site menu (also called navigation) - this way site visitors can get around within the site quickly and easily.  Your site menu is managed through the "Add Link to Site Menu" selection in your page setup options.
  • Reduce any clutter.  Keep it clean so that site visitors can quickly spot the areas of interest.
  • Keep it relevant - your site may have several "audiences", be sure that you are putting content on the home page which reaches all of them.
  • Edit it often.  This is huge.  If the content on your home page is old or outdated, it could cause your entire site to be regarded as untrustworthy by its visitors.
Here are some content examples that work well on all sites:
  • A list with links to upcoming events
  • Hours of operation or weekly schedule
  • A short (3-7 items) list with links to common or popular areas of the site
  • The physical address of the organization as well as a link to a map or directions page
  • Other contact information for the organization (phone, email, etc.)
  • Small images or icons emphasizing the text or links around them

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