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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Upon saving, my page formatting changes, how do I fix or prevent this?

Often times this is an indicator that text on the page has been copied and pasted in from an external source.  There are a few steps you can take to prevent most formatting issues:
  • Whenever copying and pasting text from an external source, always use the Paste from Word feature on the toolbarPaste from Word button
  • After bringing text in from an external source or whenever formatting becomes a struggle, highlight everything on the page (shortcut is CTRL + A) and then click Remove FormatRemove Format eraser button
  • Format style selector toolTo correct issues with spacing, highlight the section of text that's having an issue and select the Normal style for double line spacing or the Normal (DIV) style for single line spacing from the Format drop-down list
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**NOTE - there is currently a known issue with the editor inserting multiple lines of space at what appears to be random times when working with content.  We are aware of the issue and are in contact with the editor's developers as well as looking for possible alternative solutions.  We hope to have this problem corrected as soon as possible and appreciate your patience in the interim. 
The only way to remove the spaces and keep them from coming back is to take the following steps:
  • go into the HTML code view by clicking Source
  • find the added blank lines which will have the code <div>&nbsp;</div> and delete them all
  • locate a piece of code just before the blank <div> lines that looks something like this:  <span id=456213215423e></span> and remove it as well
  • save the page and all should be well
  • contact customer support for additional assistance if needed 
Please let our support team know if you are experiencing other issues not discussed within the help guide or knowledge base which you believe constitutes an issue within the editor or the application itself.
We use a popular open source editor shared by high profile clients such as Adobe, Oracle, and many others.  It is the only part of the application which is not proprietary to us.