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Saturday, July 13, 2024

How do I add a slideshow to my site?

There a few ways that images can be displayed on your site in a slideshow type format:

The first is to use the Albums manager.  This will provide a page on your site that will allow your visitor to scroll through smaller thumbnail images to see the larger full size images using a forward and back button.  For more information in setting up an album in our Albums manager you can visit the help guide here in regards to that.

The second is to use our free JavaScript slideshow engine which utilizes panels and content templates.

An alternative option is to an embed a slideshow from a photo sharing site such as Picasa or Flickr.  In most cases, you can copy the embed code provided by the photo service, go to the page in your Pages manager that you wish to have the slideshow on, click the Source button on the toolbar, paste in the code, and save the page.

If you're looking to be able to show a PowerPoint presentation on your site, see Can I play a PowerPoint presentation on my site?

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